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We can provide you with specialist IT consultancy, writing, and editing services. In addition we can provide technical education and training, Web design, social media expertise, as well as personal development sessions. We have experience with SharePoint and Office 365, communications, as well as mainframes. Click here to contact iTech-Ed by e-mail.

What’s been happening at iTech-Ed Ltd this year?

Trevor Eddolls

The Virtual IMS user group enjoyed an interesting presentation from GT Software's Dusty Rivers, entitled, “IMS in an API and Cognitive World” at the 11 April meeting.

Also, Trevor’s blog, “Corporate Culture”, was published on the Destination z Web site in April.

On 7 March, the Virtual CICS user group enjoyed another 5-star presentation from Circle Software’s Ezriel Gross. His talk was called “Introducing C\Prof – visualizing CICS applications using only the CICS internal trace”. C\Prof is produced by Fundi Software.

Also in March, Trevor’s blog “Bringing DevOps to your mainframe” was published on the Planet Mainframe Web site. And, Trevor’s blog, “A Hidden Gem”, was published on the Destination z Web site.

There was a fascinatingly detailed presentation from James Wilson, Software Developer at BMC Software, entitled, “IMS User Exits for Data Tailoring” at the 7 February meeting of the Virtual IMS user group.

February also saw Trevor’s blog, “The Best ‘Computor’ Ever?”, published on the Destination z Web site.

In January, the always popular Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2017 was published. You can download a copy here – it’s FREE. Last year’s edition was downloaded around 21,000 times during the course of the year, and Trevor is Editorial Director for this highly-respected annual source of mainframe information.

Also in January, Trevor’s blog, “2016 in review”, was published on the Destination z Web site. And Trevor’s blog “No pain, no gain?” was published on the Planet Mainframe Web site.

The Virtual CICS user group meeting on 31 January enjoyed an interesting presentation from Luis Carlos Silva, DevOps for z Systems Product Line Manager at IBM. He talked about “UrbanCode – Helping CICS Developers Everywhere Tackle their New Year’s Resolutions!”. IBM’s Mark Cocker gave a great demo showing how the things discussed fitted in with CICS.

IBM Information Champion

IBM last recognized Trevor Eddolls as an IBM Champion in 2016. He had been an IBM Champion every year since 2009.

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